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Cats Live Longer Indoors

by Lori Teller DVM DABVP CVJ October 29th, 2014
Based on your experience, do indoor cats really live much longer than outdoor cats?

Yes, most definitely! And there are studies to back that up. Indoor cats are much less prone to trauma and infection, the major killers of outdoor cats. By living indoors, cats avoid predators, cars, extreme weather-related problems (heatstroke, frostbite), most poisons, and other such dangers. Indoor cats overall live longer and will eventually die from diseases associated with old age, such as kidney disease, cancer, or thyroid problems. We frequently see older cats live into their late teens or early 20's. This is almost
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Snake Feces: Do The Dirty Work For Better Health

by Marnie Bii October 28th, 2014
Although it's tempting to turn the other way while you wash off your snake's terrarium, it's smart to take a closer look from time to time. The waste your snake produces can tell you a lot about his or her current health status. Many snakes will exhibit problems in their feces before developing any other outward symptoms. Here are three issues to
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Before You Head to the Dog Park

by Lori Teller DVM DABVP CVJ October 22nd, 2014
I've read that puppies should stay away from dog parks because of the risk of parvovirus. Is it good to do this with older dogs just to be on the safe side?

In general, puppies should avoid dog parks until they have completed their immunization series, including those against parvovirus. Socialization is very important for young puppies, and there are ways to socialize your puppy with other dogs
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Hassle Free Tips for Taking Dogs on Long Car Journeys

by Editorial Team October 28th, 2014
There will probably come a time when your dog needs to accompany you on a long car journey. If he is a seasoned traveller, you won’t have any problems, but if he is not used to long car journeys, the event may prove to be problematic. Here are a few tips to ensure you (and he) survive the journey intact.

Dog Travel Safety
A lot of owners let their pet travel
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