Dogs In Bed

by Ronald A. Rowe December 1st, 2016
When I was first asked the question of whether or not it is OK to let a dog sleep in bed with you, my immediate answer was “no”.  End of story.  Why would anyone even consider it such a thing?  But, as usual, there
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Dogs and Thunderstorms

by Ronald A. Rowe November 22nd, 2016
Some dogs are terrified of thunderstorms while others are unfazed by the atmospheric phenomenon.  Many people will tell you that they know what makes one dog a trembling mess every time it storms while others are unbothered, but I would take those claims with a grain of salt.  I have yet to read a theory on the matter that held up to the scrutiny of more than a handful of real life scenarios.  The simple truth is that dogs,
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3 Reasons Dogs Chase Cats — And How to Stop Them

by Marnie Bii November 17th, 2016
You might be alarmed at your docile dog's sudden primal response at the sight of a nearby cat. Your dog may growl, bark, raise hackles or even start to give chase. Some dogs work up into such a frenzy, they try to catch or kill the cat. Understanding the reasons dogs chase cats can help you prevent this potentially tragic situation altogether. You should also learn how to prepare your dog for interactions with cats in the future. Read
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  • Do Cats Miss Their Owners?

    by Lori Sciame November 10th, 2016
    Last weekend my cat, Joe, followed my every move.  He watched me vacuum the living room, shake out throw rugs, clean the kitchen sink and floor, do piles of laundry, and even blow dry my hair.  When it came time for a much needed nap, he nestled into the crook of my arm.

    He's always been a loving cat, but his clingy behavior seemed over the top. My husband explained
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  • Winter Care for Cats

    by James Maynard November 3rd, 2016
    Cats who spend time outdoors need special care during colder months, especially those who live in northern climates. These needs include changes in diet, exercise and body care.

    Most important, it is vital for a cat's health to have their time outside limited during cold weather. It may never be easy to get a cat to come inside, but the task becomes easier when the feline desires a
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  • Safety Lessons for Kids and Dogs

    by James Maynard October 27th, 2016
    Children and dogs can make a wonderful match in nearly any home. However, it is important to teach children a few simple safety tips to keep in mind to keep both family members safe. First, dogs are pack animals, so it is vitally important that each person in a household, including children, establish dominance over dogs. Young children should never be left alone with dogs, unless a
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