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How to Keep Your Yorkie Healthy

by R. Carnavale
Yorkshire Terriers tend to be a pretty healthy breed, but as your dog's caretaker you should be on the alert for certain health conditions that are common to the breed. For starters, your Yorkie will have two sets of teeth in its life. As your Yorkie pup grows, make sure that its puppy teeth fall out and visit a

Ask the Dog Teacher- Excited Peeing

by Kathy Gibson
We have a Bichon-Poodle mix who is two years old. She is a great dog, friendly to all, never barks, travels well. However, if she is excited she pees. Is there any way to train her to stop this, or should I invest in doggy diapers?

It is very easy to inadvertently reinforce excited peeing. Interact with your dog when

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4 Weird Rabbit Behaviors that are Totally Harmless

by Marnie Bii
Netherland dwarf rabbits will definitely throw you through a loop with their strange behaviors. Rabbits are unlike dogs and cats in the ways they communicate with their caregivers and playmates. Thumping, humming and licking are all par for the course with these little crazy animals. Furthermore, rabbits have a rather disgusting habit of eating their own waste products, which