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Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

by James Maynard July 25th, 2014
Dogs and cars during summer can be a deadly combination. Even on a 70-degree day, the interior of an automobile can climb up to 110 degrees. This can cause heatstroke, even leading to death, for dogs. Never leave your canine friend in a hot car, even for a few minutes on a warm day.

When bringing the dog in your life outside in the summer, make sure she has water before leaving, as well as available in your vehicle (not too much at one time, however). Don't feed your canine friend within an hour before or after any
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Jumping Spiders: How to Keep this Unique Pet

by Marnie Bii July 24th, 2014
Unique Pets
If you want a spider pet, but don't want to start with a large, intimidating tarantula, add a jumping spider to your home. Jumping spiders are incredibly small, expressive creatures that make great pets. You'll just need to correctly set up their habitat and provide enough food to keep them healthy and happy throughout their lifespan. Here's what to expect.


Before you go searching for your new pet,
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Why Dogs Do What They Do, Why You Need to Know

by Kathy Gibson July 16th, 2014
Usually the only time a dog’s actions cause concern is when they are in opposition to their person’s wants and needs. You cannot solve the dog’s actions if you only focus on your point of view because your concerns may not be the dog’s. You need to solve his concerns in order to solve yours.

Bad training systems tell you how to stop a problem that bothers you.
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7 Things Dogs Need for a Good Summer

by Jane Wangersky July 23rd, 2014
Now that it’s summer, we all have extra stuff we need to remember to take care of, everything from sunscreen to a new hairstyle -- but our pets need many of the same things. Here are seven dog needs that U.S. military veterinarians have highlighted (and one from the TSA, in case you’re taking your pet on vacation by air).

A gradual re-introduction to exercise. This
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All health and medical information is provided for educational purposes and is not meant to replace the medical advice or treatment of your animal's veterinarian.