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4 Signs Your Mandarin Duck is Vying for a Mate

by Marnie Bii
Upon reaching sexual maturity at one year of age, Mandarin ducks begin the lengthy courtship ritual to find their lifelong mate. Like all ducks, the males showboat around in an effort to win over a particular female in his vicinity. The females may act aloof despite the males following them around flashing feathers, dancing around and creating a ruckus.

4 Fur Care Tools Vital for Bernese Mountain Dogs

by Marnie Bii
Bernese mountain dogs are a longhaired breed with a thick furred undercoat. The upper guard hairs have a slight curl that makes it difficult to maintain a well-groomed appearance. Without regular at home grooming sessions, this type of coat can tangle and mat fairly quickly. Since it's not recommended to trim or shave the coat on these dogs, it's

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Identifying Roundworms on Your Pet

by C. Finkbeiner
It is wonderful to bring home your new best friend. It’s not so wonderful when your new best friend brings along a little surprise that makes for a big health problem.

Roundworms (Nematodes) are a very common occurrence in rescue animals because it is easily spread and reproduces rapidly. Cats and dogs alike are prone to catching and spreading worms.