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4 Tips For Taking Your Dog To The Pet Store

by Marnie Bii October 20th, 2014
If you want a well-adjusted pooch, you need to focus on intense socialization while he or she is still firmly in the puppy stages. Upon reaching the fear imprint period in the sixth month of age, dogs begin developing phobias that will last a lifetime without intense behavioral training. Luckily, you can simply take your dog on frequent outings to eliminate fears as they develop. During these outings, your dog should encounter plenty of dogs and their owners. A perfect place for these meetings is the pet store. However, you will need to adequately plan for these
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Which Rabbit Makes the Best Pet?

by James Maynard October 17th, 2014
Rabbits come in many varieties, just like dogs and cats. And, just like their furry compatriots, different varieties of the animal will tend to have unique characteristics. Himalayans, with their black and white bodies, are among the most popular breeds. They are very friendly, social, and love spending time with humans. Chinchilla rabbits are extremely gentle, and make fantastic companions for children.
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Safe, Not Scared: Dogs at Halloween

by Kathy Gibson October 15th, 2014
Halloween can be one of the worst holidays for pets. If you are not absolutely and positively sure your dog will be fine with all the fuss, frightening people and noises then please read the following article.

It is too late this year to prepare your dog for Halloween. Desensitizing takes time and there is not enough time. If your dog is scared keeping him safe will prevent
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Putting the Spotlight On Short-Tailed Opossums

by Marnie Bii October 16th, 2014
Unique Pets
An incredibly unique pet that will capture your heart in an instant is the short-tailed opossum. Unlike cat-sized wild opossums, these tiny pets only grow up to the size of a common hamster. Despite the size difference, these opossums look and act a lot like their larger counterparts. The short-tailed opossum tends to develop a close bond with its caretakers since it likes to live alone in
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