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Safety Lessons for Kids and Dogs

by James Maynard October 24th, 2014
Children and dogs can make a wonderful match in nearly any home. However, it is important to teach children a few simple safety tips to keep in mind to keep both family members safe. First, dogs are pack animals, so it is vitally important that each person in a household, including children, establish dominance over dogs. Young children should never be left alone with dogs, unless a firm relationship has been established. Young people should also be told never to approach a dog while she is eating, chewing on a bone, or playing with a toy. Canines
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The American Shorthair Cat

by James Maynard October 23rd, 2014
American shorthair cats are a loved breed of feline around the United States, making them one of the most popular of all feline varieties. They come in over 60 colors, although gray with black is the most popular choice for those in shows. They are sweet, friendly, and social animals, who love to sit in laps, and are generally not overly skittish.
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Before You Head to the Dog Park

by Lori Teller DVM DABVP CVJ October 22nd, 2014
I've read that puppies should stay away from dog parks because of the risk of parvovirus. Is it good to do this with older dogs just to be on the safe side?

In general, puppies should avoid dog parks until they have completed their immunization series, including those against parvovirus. Socialization is very important for young puppies, and there are ways to socialize your puppy with other dogs
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Protecting Polly from Pussy Cats

by James Maynard October 21st, 2014
Protecting pet birds from domestic cats is a challenge that has been around since humans first started living with animals. Beginning in 1945, the animated characters Sylvester and Tweety Bird entertained audiences with tales of such feline/avian chases.

If possible, cats should be brought into a home with a bird when they are kittens. If the felines are brought into a home with a bird at a young
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All health and medical information is provided for educational purposes and is not meant to replace the medical advice or treatment of your animal's veterinarian.