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How to Identify (and Report) Animal Abuse

by C. Finkbeiner
Abused and neglected animals make their way into rescue shelters everyday escaping the horrid conditions of their past. If they are able to rehabilitate, these animals may be lucky enough to get a second chance with a new family. But often victims of animal abuse are euthanized because the cost to perform lifesaving medical procedures are too high, the

Highlighting Adorable Tiger Salamander Pets

by Marnie Bii
Many kids spend the entirety of their days catching and playing with salamanders found in grass and leaf covered areas. You can bring the same level of joy and wonder into your home by adopting a Tiger Salamander. Unlike common varieties found in many neighborhoods, Tiger Salamanders are covered in brightly colored patterns. Although this species can be found
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Ocicat Pointers

by Lori Sciame
I love Ocicat's for many reasons. For one, their coat calls  to mind cats found in the wild. Next, their magnetic personality draws people to them. Finally, their intelligence rivals the smartest dogs. This breed, while relatively recent in development (1960's), has won over the hearts of cat lovers around the world for the reasons I mentioned - and
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