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4 Rest Areas You Can Create for Your Bombay

by Marnie Bii
Despite their striking similarity to a black panther, Bombay cats truly enjoy all of the comforts of being a house cat. You may notice that your Bombay makes an art form out of finding a cozy resting place. You can quickly win the key to your cat's heart by providing ample rest areas all throughout the house. By making

How to Put Your Cat on a Feeding Schedule

by Cricket Webber
For the entire time that we've been owned by cats, I've free fed our guys. They seem to enjoy it, and they get to eat any time that they get a bit puckish. I've always thought that the fact that no one stands on my face at 3 a.m. demanding kibble backs up my choices, but the ASPCA and
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Caring for Your St. Bernard

by C. Finkbeiner
Having a St. Bernard in your life is having a companion. Saints are intensely loyal dogs who will act as a shadow to their masters. They want to be involved in everyday life activities, from eating scheduled meals in the same room to riding in cars to destination: anywhere. They love to please their masters, and will work for
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