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Fish Spotlight: Blue Tangs

by T Akery
Blue Tangs are saltwater fish. If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, you have seen this beautiful blue and black fish. The character Dori is inspired by the Blue Tang. With a sequel on the way, you will see more of this animated fish. It is also a very popular fish for saltwater aquariums. So,

How Often Should I Feed My Reptile?

by Jacob Parzych
As everyone is told when they are younger, snakes don't need to eat very much, because they take a long time to digest their food.  Like snakes, most cold-blooded animals take longer to process their food.  Unlike dogs or cats, you can't just leave out a bowl of food three times a day and expect it to
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Pumpkin, Bacon and Mint Fresh Breath Dog Biscuits

by Marnie Bii
Dogs gleefully lick the ground, chew up garbage and gnaw on old shoes, so it is no wonder canines often have extremely bad breath. Although you can help your dog out with that problem with daily tooth brushing sessions, the meat flavored paste does not always clear up the problem all of the way. Attempting to brush with minty
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