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Siberian Husky Health

by C. Finkbeiner
Siberian Huskies are strong and vibrant dogs. They love to play hard as puppies while they start to show their personalities. As a husky owner, it’s important that through training and conditioning you are also observing their behaviors closely to determine if they are starting to develop any health problems along the way. Siberian huskies are predisposed to genetic

What To Do With a Lost Kitty

by C. Finkbeiner
Mommy, Daddy! It followed me home, can we keep it?

Not exactly what you want to hear from the kids… but then you look, and it’s the sweetest, cutest kitty you have ever met. She has clean fur, a collar with a bell, but no ID. She is probably someone’s lost pet, but how do you help her get back

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4 Areas To Watch For Sulcata Health Problems

by Marnie Bii
Sulcata tortoises are extremely stoic creatures that do not complain when ill or injured. As a tortoise owner, you must carefully watch your pets for signs of a problem to acquire treatment in a timely manner. Daily observation of your healthy tortoise will give you the knowledge needed to immediately spot an abnormal health effect. In addition to simple