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Chaining Dogs: An Emotional Torture

by Rosanne Lorraine December 24th, 2008| Dogs
Our hearts and the hearts of millions of animal-lovers throughout the world undeniably want to reach out to dogs that are caged, chained, and otherwise treated as dangerous creatures. We know that dogs, like humans and other animals, have psychological and emotional desires aside from their physical needs. For a

Want to Win $25?

by Michele December 19th, 2008| Animal Health
In the spirit of the holiday season, Wasabi Media Group is launching the Doubly Good December Contest.  This contest will reward one reader and one writer with a cash prize of 25 dollars each.

In order to qualify for the reader's prize, all you need to

Heat Season

by Valerie Mae Diola December 18th, 2008| Cats, Dogs

Three weeks ago, all the girls at home – Martina (the beagle) and Sidney (the Persian cat) went into their heat cycle. I was already aware that Martina would go into heat, but I didn’t expect that Sidney would go, too. I thought

First Snow for Our Girls

by Michele December 17th, 2008| Birds
Today was the first day of accumulating snow at the Kuegler mini-farm.  We had a dusting of snow a few weeks ago, but today we received three or four inches of cold, fluffy snow. . .which apparently was not as exciting for our chickens as it was our children.

Normally when

How to Set Up Your Own Saltwater Aquarium

by Rosanne Lorraine December 10th, 2008| Fish
Individuals who want to have a pet at home but have no time to take care of a dog or cat inevitably decide to take care of fish, but they are challenged by the thought of starting a saltwater aquarium. This task need not be difficult, though. A little effort

Funny Cats

by Bea December 2nd, 2008| Cats
Cats. They can be funny little, or big, creatures. You probably have seen the funny cat pictures, such as the purrito or the hovercat. If you have not, check them out on Google images or look at the mini collage featured in this article. In any case, sometimes people


by Valerie Mae Diola November 25th, 2008| Cats

We have a female Persian cat named Sidney, but we call her “Sweetie” at home. She’s a very sweet kitty. She always wants to be cuddled. Every time we get home, she waits by her bedroom door so that

Halloween is for Chickens

by Michele November 19th, 2008| Birds
On the afternoon of October 31st, all four children at the Kuegler mini-farm were busy carving pumpkins.  Typically when they carve pumpkins, a big concern is saving the seeds for roasting.  However, this year they had a different concern.  They needed to save the filling for the girls.

Yes, even though

Where to Find the Perfect Pet

by Rosanne Lorraine November 18th, 2008| Animal Rescue Groups, Birds, Cats, Dogs, Pet Adoption
So, you’ve determined that you’re mature, responsible, and caring enough to have a pet. Now, the next question is where is the best place to find a pet?

If you want a low-maintenance pet, such as a fish, bird, rodent, or lizard, the local pet store is your best bet. Not

Squam Lake

by Sam P. November 13th, 2008| Birds, Mammals, Reptiles
I, being in middle school, recently went on a field trip to Squam Lake.  It is an amazing place!

We went inside, and the host brought out three animals.  The first one was a barred owl.  It was gorgeous!  Its face was snowy white, and its body was brownish.

The second

Fish are Friends, Not Food

by Valerie Mae Diola November 11th, 2008| Cats, Fish

In my last article, I talked about my dogs. Now, I’ll be sharing a story about my cat named Homer.

“Fish are friends, not food.” I always remember this line from the movie

They Are Big Girls Now

by Michele November 5th, 2008| Birds
There has been big news at the Kuegler mini-farm over the past month.  While TK and I were away on a business/vacation trip, two of our children and Grandma were left in charge of our flock of 15 chickens.

As all of our kids thoroughly enjoy having chickens, they frequently
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