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Hello, Molly!

by James Maynard December 31st, 2012| Fish, Spotlight
Mollies, otherwise known as Poecilia, are a genus of fish related to platies. The most famous of all mollies is the guppy.

Mollies can adapt to a wide variety of conditions, but their preferred habitat is a warm, somewhat salty environment. If the other fish in your tank
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Feline Dental Health

by Anna P. December 27th, 2012| Cats, Health
Good dental health is not just a concern for humans, but it should also be a concern for pets. Felines are just as susceptible as humans to dental related issues such as halitosis, gingivitis, gum disease, and other oral diseases. Let's take a closer at some of
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Phone Barking

by Kathy Gibson December 26th, 2012| Ask the Dog Teacher, Dogs
Our dog starts barking whenever the phone rings. He keeps barking while we're trying to talk. Is there anything we can do about this?

Phone barking is a common occurrence. The phone takes you away. Your dog barks to get you back, reinforcing the value of the barking

Pumping Up Your Birds

by James Maynard December 25th, 2012| Birds, Care
Exercising birds is just as important as exercising dogs, or humans remaining active. One of the challenges faced trying to get your bird enough exercise is that pet birds are kept in cages, which confine their movement. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure

Foster for a Good Cause

by Lori Sciame December 24th, 2012| Fostering
I have a friend who has undertaken a noble cause - training a dog for use by another with a specific medical condition.  I have seen him with his charge - what looks to be a black labrador - at local restaurants, businesses, and even at the Memorial Day

Christmas Gifts for Reptiles and Amphibians

by Jacob Parzych December 20th, 2012| Care, Reptiles
It's that wonderful, snowy time of year again: Christmas.  A time of giving and receiving gifts, which, for many of us, can be very exciting.  So, why not get something for that special cold-blooded friend in your life.  Every year, there is a present for Gonzo under the tree

Food for Cat After Tooth Extraction

by Lori Teller DVM DABVP CVJ December 19th, 2012| Ask the Vet
Our older cat just had some teeth removed. Should we be feeding her softer food? She still seems to like the dry stuff.

The general recommendation is to offer whatever your cat is comfortable eating. Some cats who've had recent extractions prefer soft food for a few days, but others

The Ugliest Creatures in the Tank

by Mackenzie M. December 18th, 2012| Care, Fish
Sea cucumbers are definitely not the average aquarium pet. Their large, amorphous blob figure with lack of defined eyes or mouth makes them even less cute. Sea cucumbers are directly related to sea stars and can grow up to three feet long. In a home aquarium, sea cucumbers can

Dog Care in Winter

by James Maynard December 17th, 2012| Dogs
Dog care in winter is vital knowledge to have if we are going to care for our canines during the cold season. Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to a wide variety of dangers during the winter months, and their natural instincts can get them into trouble. But, following just

Bird Spotlight: Canaries

by T Akery December 13th, 2012| Birds, Spotlight
Canaries are named for the Canary Islands that they originate from. The birds are small, colorful and prized for their singing. They are also easier to care for than other birds making them an ideal beginner bird. But like any pet, they do have their own unique needs you

Off Leash Reliability

by Kathy Gibson December 12th, 2012| Ask the Dog Teacher, Dogs
Our poodle/golden retriever cross doesn’t always come when called while he’s running off-leash in the park, which is not very often. Do you have any advice to teach him recall?

On walks let your dog do his doggy thing.* Let him know you enjoy him having fun without interfering with

Go Fetch!

by Bea December 11th, 2012| Behavior, Dogs
This winter vacation I have about two weeks to hang out at home with my family, friends, and dog (of course!). As I am going to need something to do, I have decided to teach my dog, Gracie, a new trick. Gracie is going to learn how to fetch
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