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Behaviors We Hate to Love

by Lori Sciame December 31st, 2015| Behavior, Cats
My husband, a former police K-9 officer, never used to understand why I coddled our two cats.  He hated it when I allowed Bear to drink from the bathroom sink, and he acted frustrated when I allowed Joe to sleep wherever he wanted -- living room and bedroom furniture
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Christmas Cat

by Jane Wangersky December 24th, 2015| Behavior, Cats
My family went rogue this year and broke the rule that says you should never get a new pet for Christmas. On the 21st, we drove out to pick up a kitten we'd first met a couple of days before. We didn't even know if it was
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The Lhasa Apso: A Small Dog With a Big Personality

by Donella Crigger December 17th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
A small dog with a big personality – that’s how I’d describe the Lhasa Apso. These little dogs are not your typical lap dog. They take their jobs as protectors very seriously, despite their small stature. If you’re looking for a breed that is small, independent, bold
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Is Your Dog Cold?

by Bea December 10th, 2015| Behavior, Dogs
One of the many things that I love about living in a ski town is that they're so dog friendly. Wherever I go, I can play with a dog.

Not all dogs are cold weather appropriate. Climate is something you should take into account when you're getting a
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Feline Holiday Hijinks

by Lori Sciame December 3rd, 2015| Behavior, Cats
When you mix an active feline with the holiday season, one thing will be certain: holiday hijinks.  Cats are curious creatures.  New experiences both entice and excite them.  With the holiday season seeming to grow ever longer, the behavior of your beloved house cat may change for
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Four Adoption Do’s

by Lori Sciame November 26th, 2015| Pet Adoption
Adopting a dog or cat involves quite a bit of thought and preparation.  Rather than an impulse move, bringing a new pet into the home  must be a conscious decision.  Kittens and puppies elicit strong emotions. Contrary to popular belief, not all of these emotions will be

Is the Cat Warm Enough at Night?

by Lori Teller DVM DABVP CVJ November 19th, 2015| Ask the Vet
We put our cat in the basement at night. How do we know if he's warm enough, especially now that winter's coming?

Cats definitely like to be warm. Basically, if it is warm enough for you to sleep in the basement, then it should be warm enough for
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Fun and Surprising Facts About the Devon Rex

by Donella Crigger November 12th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
Are you looking for a cat that’s out of the ordinary? The Devon Rex breed is known as the “pixie” of the cat world. Other terms of endearment include the “poodle cat” and the “alien cat.” What makes this cat so special? The most obvious features are
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Even Best Buddies Experience Conflict

by Lori Sciame November 5th, 2015| Behavior, Cats
A pair of cats who share the same home will often cuddle during a nap.  At other times, the same pair will fight without holding back.  I have witnessed both of these behaviors -- many times -- in my two cats.  What is going on? Why can
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A Noble Cause: Fostering Cats

by Lori Sciame October 29th, 2015| Fostering
Animal shelters continue to cry out for help. An animal lover can donate money or supplies to these organizations, or he or she may volunteer on site; however, many cat lovers do not realize that they can truly help by fostering cats.  Want to support a noble

German Shepherd Breed Spotlight

by Donella Crigger October 22nd, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
In this dog breed spotlight, I want to highlight my favorite breed of dog: the German shepherd. As you may have guessed, I have a German shepherd myself that my husband and I adopted from the local animal shelter. Never had I known such a loyal, protective,
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Maine Coon Breed Spotlight

by Donella Crigger October 15th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
If you’re on the lookout for an all-American cat, you can’t get much better than America’s native longhair: the Maine Coon. The breed originated in Maine and has several legends regarding how it developed. Some believe that domestic cats bred with raccoons (a physical impossibility) while others
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