4 Ways to Play With Your Grown Sulcata Tortoise

by Marnie Bii | May 26th, 2015 | Behavior, Unique Pets

tortoise (400x400)As your sulcata tortoise grows to his or her 100 to 200 pound adult weight, you might struggle to find ways to interact and play like you did before. Upon reaching adulthood, your sulcata continues to enjoy your presence on a daily basis, as evidenced by the way your pet approaches you in an eager manner. Reward your pet’s interest by providing attention and initiating playtime. Play games with toys or simply go for a walk to keep building a relationship with your pet. Here are four fun activities to enjoy with your tortoise.

Provide a Soaking Bath

Sulcata tortoises come from a humid environment littered with plenty of places to burrow and soak. If you cannot install a soaking pond in your pet’s enclosure, you will still want to set up a temporary place to relax in the water several times a week. To create a nice place for your sulcata to soak, set up a kiddie pool with low sides in your tortoise’s play area. Fill up the pool with lukewarm water and let your tortoise play about in the pool for as long as he or she wishes.

Push a Ball Around

Sulcatas love to push and pull objects using their body and head. You can capitalize on this interest by playing ball with your tortoise. Give your tortoise a soccer ball and observe as he or she pushes it around the yard enthusiastically. You can encourage your tortoise to push it through a set of goals or simply watch nearby, taking as many pictures as possible. Give your tortoise fresh fruit as a treat for a job well done when you take back the ball.

Play With Toy Cars

Your tortoise will also enjoy pushing toy cars around on compacted dirt surfaces. Make sure the toy car has a large pushing surface on the back to make it easy for your tortoise to move around. Also, check the toy for sharp edges or points before every play session to prevent injury to your tortoise. Lead your tortoise to the end of the yard and put the car in front of him or her. Stand on the other end and encourage your tortoise to bring the car your way. When your pet reaches the destination, provide a treat and some praise.

Go for a Walk

Once you develop a deep bond with your tortoise, he or she will likely follow you anywhere. Practice taking guided walks around the yard to establish a pattern for this activity. Provide treats and praise as your tortoise follows your lead. Move on to walking around the block with your tortoise once you feel confident your pet won’t leave your side. You can attach a backpack and leash to your tortoise if you want a bit extra protection against losing your buddy.

When you spend quality time interacting with your tortoise, you develop a lifelong bond that will make care routines much easier on you both.

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