5 Signs of a Fever

by Lori Sciame | January 5th, 2017 | Cats, Health

cat (400x400) (2)Many cat owners wonder, “How can I tell if my cat is ill?”  Unlike children, whose foreheads offer immediate feedback on temperature, cats can be much more difficult when it comes to information on whether they have a fever or not.  Read this post for tips on how to tell if your cat is running a temperature which may indicate illness.

What Constitutes a Fever in Cats?

Cats can be said to be running a fever when their body temperature hits 102.5 and above.  Not all fevers are bad.  As outlined by PetMD, “It should be remembered that fevers can be beneficial for a sick animal, as it lowers the rapid division of bacteria and enhances the body’s immune system response.”  A fever that goes on too long, however, can spell trouble.

What are the Main Causes of Fever in a Cat?

Just like humans, cats will develop a temperature for many reasons.  For instance, viral and bacterial infections will cause a feverish spike.  Other causes: tumors, trauma/injury, certain medications, and diseases.

What Behaviors Signal Fever in Cats?

There are several signs to look for to determine if a cat may be running a fever.  For one, a cat may quit eating and drinking.  In addition, he may stop grooming himself, and he may sleep a lot. Sometimes the ears feel very warm to the touch. Finally, he may actually shiver.  Basically, cats who have a fever will have no energy, as their bodies are working to fight the cause of the fever.

I Think My Cat Has a Fever…What Do I Do?

Once you determine your cat is ill, check with your veterinarian concerning possible treatments.  As suggested by WebMD, “The veterinarian may conduct tests to determine the source of the fever and take steps to treat the underlying problem. If a bacterial infection is the source, for example, antibiotics may be needed. Severe dehydration  is treated with the administration of intravenous or subcutaneous fluids.”

Some pet owners may wish to check a cat’s temperature rectally.  This should only be done with the utmost care.  You don’t want to injure your cat (or yourself)!

Concluding Thoughts

Cat owners love their furry friends, and they don’t want to see them suffer.  Because of this,  it is a good idea to be able to recognize the signs of illness,including fever, in a cat.  After all, you don’t want to lose your feline friend, not if there are easy treatments available!

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