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3 Live Foods to Let Your African Pied Crows Hunt

by Marnie Bii August 25th, 2015| Behavior, Birds
In the wild, African Pied Crows actively search out live food and scavenged edibles throughout each day. When placed in captivity, crows can grow bored with their lack of simulation and even develop a touch of depression. You can set up unique contained hunting grounds to help mentally stimulate

4 Signs Your Mandarin Duck is Vying for a Mate

by Marnie Bii May 1st, 2015| Behavior, Birds
Upon reaching sexual maturity at one year of age, Mandarin ducks begin the lengthy courtship ritual to find their lifelong mate. Like all ducks, the males showboat around in an effort to win over a particular female in his vicinity. The females may act aloof despite the males following
australian king parrot (400x400)

10+ Tips on Your Australian King Parrot’s Behavior

by R. Carnavale February 20th, 2015| Behavior, Birds
Australian king parrots are beautiful, colorful birds who are known for being more mild-mannered and quieter than many other parrot species. They love to climb, swing, and chew, so they need a very large cage with plenty of safe toys. Because they're large birds, Australian king parrots need plenty