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4 Ways to Coax Your Dragon Goby Out of Hiding

by Marnie Bii June 23rd, 2015| Behavior, Fish
Dragon gobies are shy fish, especially right after being introduced to a new environment. You may notice your gobies cautiously peeking out of hiding spots before working up the nerve to move to a new location. When your gobies do move around, most stick close to the bottom of

How to Handle Your Needle Nose Gar’s Behaviors

by R. Carnavale March 20th, 2015| Behavior, Fish
Needle nose gars (Xenentodon cancila) are found in nature throughout the rural areas of Southeast Asia and tropical jungles in slow moving river tributaries and streams. In your aquarium, needle nose gar swim close to the surface and look like sticks, so they're sometimes referred to as "Stickfish." They