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4 Signs Your Mandarin Duck is Vying for a Mate

by Marnie Bii May 1st, 2015| Behavior, Birds
Upon reaching sexual maturity at one year of age, Mandarin ducks begin the lengthy courtship ritual to find their lifelong mate. Like all ducks, the males showboat around in an effort to win over a particular female in his vicinity. The females may act aloof despite the males following

4 Viruses That Can Make Mandarin Ducks Very Sick

by Marnie Bii April 24th, 2015| Birds, Health
With a twenty year lifespan on average, Mandarin ducks can be very hearty creatures. Unfortunately, just like any other living creature, it takes just one serious virus to take out an entire flock of ducks in one go. Viruses tend to spread from contact with body fluids floating through
aus king parrot (400x400)

3 Scary Illnesses Found in Australian King Parrots

by Marnie Bii February 27th, 2015| Birds, Health
With an average lifespan of twenty-five years, the Australian King Parrot is normally a very hardy bird. Unfortunately, a few of the health problems that can arise are difficult to treat and can even spread to human caregivers. Awareness of these difficult health conditions can help you prevent their
australian king parrot (400x400)

10+ Tips on Your Australian King Parrot’s Behavior

by R. Carnavale February 20th, 2015| Behavior, Birds
Australian king parrots are beautiful, colorful birds who are known for being more mild-mannered and quieter than many other parrot species. They love to climb, swing, and chew, so they need a very large cage with plenty of safe toys. Because they're large birds, Australian king parrots need plenty
aussie king parrot (400x400)

Australian King Parrots – Buyer Beware

by Gary Hays February 13th, 2015| Birds, Pet Pointers
At first glance Australian King Parrots appear as a mistake of nature with their bright red bodies, contrasting green wings, and blue under-wing feathers, yet the conflicting color combination only lends to their magnificent beauty. Measuring between 16 and 18 inches in height, they boast a long lifespan of
australian king parrot 400x400)

Exploring the Lovely Australian King Parrot

by Marnie Bii February 6th, 2015| Birds, Spotlight
The Australian King Parrot is a calm, gentle and gorgeous companion perfect for advanced bird owners. The first thing you might notice about these birds is their vividly bright mix of red, blue and green colors. Since the King Parrot can grow up to 18 inches in size, you'll
parrot (399x400)

How To Safely Travel By Plane With Your Birds

by Marnie Bii December 19th, 2014| Birds, Care
Pet birds are fragile creatures that do not fare well in harsh environments with poor temperature, noise and impact controls. As a result, you should never send your bird on a plane in the cargo hold area reserved for pets. Instead, you'll need to seek out airlines that allow
finches (400x400)

How to Introduce a New Bird to Your Existing One

by R. Carnavale December 12th, 2014| Birds, Care
You already have a bird and are so happy with your beloved pet that you'd like to get a companion for your feathered friend or you'd like to start breeding. While birds tend to be quite sociable by nature, not all birds appreciate the sudden introduction of a second
canary (400x400)

How to Tell If Your Bird is Sick

by R. Carnavale November 18th, 2014| Birds, Care
The sooner you seek help for your ailing bird, the better the outcome; however, your personal Tweetie is unlikely to show symptoms until she's gravely ill. That's because birds, by nature, will pretend to be healthy no matter how sick they are as a matter of survival. You see,

Spotlight On the Smart Quaker Parrot

by Marnie Bii November 4th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
Quaker parrots, or monk parakeets, pack a whole lot of personality into a little package. After your bird reaches a few months old, you can teach him or her how to talk and imitate sounds. Unlike macaws, these little guys only grow about 12 inches in length,

Protecting Polly from Pussy Cats

by James Maynard October 21st, 2014| Birds, Care
Protecting pet birds from domestic cats is a challenge that has been around since humans first started living with animals. Beginning in 1945, the animated characters Sylvester and Tweety Bird entertained audiences with tales of such feline/avian chases.

If possible, cats should be brought into a home with

Same Bird, New House

by James Maynard September 23rd, 2014| Birds, Care
Moving with a pet bird can be a traumatic experience for feathered friends, and acclimating to new climes can be a challenge. Once the move is made, there are several tips that can assist an avian in adapting to a new house.

A bird in a new home
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