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Bringing Home African Pied Crow Pets

by Marnie Bii August 4th, 2015| Birds, Spotlight
Like many other birds in the Corvid family, African Pied Crows easily show off their intelligence and quick development of deep connections with their caregivers. In the wild, however, these crows live just at the outskirts of local towns and community centers. Since these birds are mainly found in
australian king parrot 400x400)

Exploring the Lovely Australian King Parrot

by Marnie Bii February 6th, 2015| Birds, Spotlight
The Australian King Parrot is a calm, gentle and gorgeous companion perfect for advanced bird owners. The first thing you might notice about these birds is their vividly bright mix of red, blue and green colors. Since the King Parrot can grow up to 18 inches in size, you'll

Spotlight On the Smart Quaker Parrot

by Marnie Bii November 4th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
Quaker parrots, or monk parakeets, pack a whole lot of personality into a little package. After your bird reaches a few months old, you can teach him or her how to talk and imitate sounds. Unlike macaws, these little guys only grow about 12 inches in length,

Spotlight on the Loveable Java Sparrow

by Marnie Bii September 9th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
The Java Sparrow is a challenging, yet extremely rewarding pet bird. If you obtain one as a fledgling, you can eventually tame him or her. This type of bird takes a lot of know-how and patience to win over. Once you understand the process, you can breed

Introducing A Black-Headed Caique To Your Family

by Marnie Bii August 14th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
If you want to add an intelligent, charming pet to your family, go to your local breeder and check out the black-headed caique. This smart bird will fill the hole in your family with fun times and sweet bonding moments. At nine inches tall, these caiques are substantial but

Collared Aracari: Inviting a Toucan into Your Life

by Marnie Bii May 20th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
Only consider adding a Collared Aracari to your life if you are ready for a big challenge. Although these toucans are beautiful and fun to watch, their needs will dominate your life. However, if you have the time, money, space and energy, caring for these birds is
The Kids are checking out the duckling

Bird Spotlight: Ducks

by Bea April 22nd, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
Many of us know the story of the Ugly Duckling. Or, perhaps you know the book Make Way for Ducklings. There's even a statue of it in the Boston Public Garden.  In fact, this is the official children's book of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Needless to say,
penguin crossing

Penguins as Pets, or Not

by Bea March 27th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
Here's the thing. Penguins don't have to live at the North or South Pole in order to survive. There are some penguins out there that can happily live in mild temperatures and could be, theoretically, kept as pets. However, just because there are some penguins that could
senegal parrot pd

Bird Spotlight: Poicephalus

by Bea February 27th, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
If you're looking for a medium-sized bird in your household, you might be interested in a parrot from the Poicephalus genus. The thing about them is that they pretty much act like a large parrot, but are on the smaller side. These birds are typically very playful
owl alfred borchard

Bird Spotlight: Owl

by Bea January 21st, 2014| Birds, Spotlight
After reading or watching Harry Potter, you may have been inspired to get your own pet owl. After all, Hedwig seemed like such a perfect pet, right? She was a Snowy Owl who was initially supposed to just be a mail carrier, but she ended up playing such

Bird Spotlight: Peach-Faced Lovebirds

by Bea December 26th, 2013| Birds, Spotlight
Peach-faced lovebirds are beautiful, playful, and active. They can thrive as pets, as long as you take good care of them!

Peach-faced lovebirds are only about seven inches small, so they can be kept in a household cage. At a minimum, you should have a non-round cage that

Bird Spotlight: Ostriches

by T Akery September 19th, 2013| Birds, Spotlight
Ostriches are a very unusual bird to keep as a pet. They are among the largest birds. Thus, they are more suited for farms than for apartments or small backyards. They also can be dangerous because they do kick with their strong legs. If you work with
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