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4 Tiger Salamander Care Tips

by Marnie Bii September 8th, 2015| Amphibians, Care
Tiger salamanders are low maintenance pets, especially if you set up their tank area with the right elements. In fact, your initial efforts in setting up the tank will reward you in dividends throughout your salamander's life in reduced health and behavioral problems. When it comes time to clean

4 Important Features For Your Amphibian Terrarium

by Marnie Bii September 2nd, 2014| Amphibians, Care
Mimicking natural environment characteristics in your amphibians' manmade habitat keeps them healthy and happy throughout their entire lifespan. Since the terrarium protects them from predators, your amphibians might even live longer than they would in the wild. However, to make sure the habitat is up to snuff,

3 Signs of Illness In Your Pet Frog

by Marnie Bii July 8th, 2014| Amphibians, Care
Since frogs do not cry out when sick or in pain, it is important to know the warning signs of illness in amphibians. Without knowing what to look for, your pet frog could suffer unduly until obvious symptoms develop. By checking your frog daily, you can acquaint

Keeping Caecilians

by Jacob Parzych April 15th, 2014| Amphibians, Care
When you think of amphibians, you think of toads, turtles, salamanders, and newts, right?  However, did you think of the Caecilian?  The Caecilian is a unique, lesser known order of amphibians.  Unlike other amphibians, they lack legs and most closely resemble snakes and worms.

Very little is known

Temperature Control for Cold Blooded Pets

by T Akery August 28th, 2012| Amphibians, Care, Care, Reptiles
Snakes, frogs, lizards, turtles and even some insects are cold blooded. This means that when you add them to your family, they have special needs in regards to temperature. If these cold blooded animals can't regulate their temperature, they can easily become sick, stop eating and possibly die. For

Reptile/Amphibian Boarding

by Jacob Parzych June 19th, 2012| Amphibians, Animal Health, Care, Care, Reptiles
Next week, my family is going away to a family reunion.  This reunion will be about a week long, so Gonzo will not be much of an issue.  I will leave his water in a larger container (a Repti Reservoir).  Also, I will put 10 or so crickets in

Keeping a Pet Frog

by Jacob Parzych February 2nd, 2012| Amphibians, Care
When pet care websites, such as petco.com, place frogs under the reptiles category, it grinds my gears.  I know it is trivial, but they are amphibians.  This would probably not happen if amphibians were more popular pets, but they are not currently part of the "in crowd.''  I do