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5 Tips for Interacting With Your African Pied Crow

by Marnie Bii August 11th, 2015| Birds, Care
African Pied Crows are loving, intelligent pets that will quickly become part of the family. In the beginning stages, however, it is normal to have some growing pains. You need to develop a close working relationship with your crow pets through frequent interactions. During these interactions, you must remain
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How To Safely Travel By Plane With Your Birds

by Marnie Bii December 19th, 2014| Birds, Care
Pet birds are fragile creatures that do not fare well in harsh environments with poor temperature, noise and impact controls. As a result, you should never send your bird on a plane in the cargo hold area reserved for pets. Instead, you'll need to seek out airlines that allow
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How to Introduce a New Bird to Your Existing One

by R. Carnavale December 12th, 2014| Birds, Care
You already have a bird and are so happy with your beloved pet that you'd like to get a companion for your feathered friend or you'd like to start breeding. While birds tend to be quite sociable by nature, not all birds appreciate the sudden introduction of a second
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How to Tell If Your Bird is Sick

by R. Carnavale November 18th, 2014| Birds, Care
The sooner you seek help for your ailing bird, the better the outcome; however, your personal Tweetie is unlikely to show symptoms until she's gravely ill. That's because birds, by nature, will pretend to be healthy no matter how sick they are as a matter of survival. You see,

Protecting Polly from Pussy Cats

by James Maynard October 21st, 2014| Birds, Care
Protecting pet birds from domestic cats is a challenge that has been around since humans first started living with animals. Beginning in 1945, the animated characters Sylvester and Tweety Bird entertained audiences with tales of such feline/avian chases.

If possible, cats should be brought into a home with

Same Bird, New House

by James Maynard September 23rd, 2014| Birds, Care
Moving with a pet bird can be a traumatic experience for feathered friends, and acclimating to new climes can be a challenge. Once the move is made, there are several tips that can assist an avian in adapting to a new house.

A bird in a new home

Cleaning a Cage for Bird Health

by James Maynard August 26th, 2014| Birds, Care
Cleaning a bird cage is one of the most important things a companion to a feathered animal can do to keep her avian friend healthy.

Birds are clean animals, quickly and effectively removing dirt, debris and waste from their feathers. Some avians spend up to one-third of their waking hours

Ouch! What to Do When Your Pet Bird Bites

by Donella Crigger July 29th, 2014| Birds, Care
One thing that new bird owners quickly realize is that birds bite. They bite a lot, actually, particularly if the behavior is reinforced. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t reinforce biting! I punish my pet when he bites!” Punishment may actually do more harm than good

How to Help Your Pet Bird Beat the Heat

by Donella Crigger July 1st, 2014| Birds, Care
Humans aren’t the only ones that need to beat the heat in the summer. Our feathered friends need to be kept cool, too. A bird’s body temperature is significantly higher than ours, ranging from 104-108 degrees Fahrenheit. Even those that originate from tropical habitats can still suffer

Why Did My Single Pet Bird Lay an Egg?  

by Donella Crigger June 3rd, 2014| Birds, Care
It can be quite a shock to a bird owner when a single female bird lays an egg. What causes single birds to lay eggs? Will the egg be fertile? Does laying these eggs mean that your bird has a health problem? Find out the answers to

Bird Weight Loss or Gain: A Sign of Illness

by Donella Crigger May 6th, 2014| Birds, Care
Like many animals, weight is a sign of a bird’s good or poor health. Monitoring your pet bird’s weight is an important aspect of its care. Changes in weight are one of the first warning signs of illness. Although weight loss or weight gain are not good
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6 Tips for Feeding Your Bird a Nutritional Diet

by Donella Crigger April 8th, 2014| Birds, Care
While each bird species has its own nutritional needs, there are basic guidelines that bird owners should follow. If your bird has specific dietary needs due to health problems, consult with your veterinarian first before making any changes to the diet.

Color and Variety

Fruits and vegetables
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