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himalayan cat (400x400)

Spotlight on the Himalayan

by Lori Sciame February 2nd, 2017| Cats, Spotlight
When one sees the cat breed known as the Himalayan for the first time, it confuses the brain.  Why?  Because these adorable creatures look like fluffy Siamese cats!  Instead of being sleek like the Siamese, though, Himalayan's have short legs and a puffy coat...just like Persian cats.

While it may
sitting Sphynx

Hairless Wonder: The Sphynx Cat

by Ronald A. Rowe January 19th, 2017| Cats, Spotlight
The Sphynx is the product of an effort to produce a hairless feline through selective breeding.  The result is a cat that has no fur to speak of*.  That lack of fur makes the Sphynx an excellent pet for allergy sufferers, but it does come with some specific care
Munchkin (400x400)

The Munchkin Cat: Short Legs But Long on Fun

by Ronald A. Rowe December 22nd, 2016| Cats, Spotlight
The term “munchkin” is most closely associated with the little people from the land of Oz. There’s a new and cuter munchkin in town these days: the Munchkin cat. The Munchkin is a comparatively new breed of cat that was first officially recognized in 1995.

The modern lineage of the
bobtail pd

American Bobtail: Interactive, Travel-Loving Cat

by Donella Crigger June 2nd, 2016| Cats, Spotlight
The American Bobtail is a popular breed in high demand right now. What’s so appealing about these fun felines? Their most distinctive physical feature is their short tail. It’s not only their appearance that’s loved by fans, though. Many find them endearing because of their playful, loveable
devon rex pd

Fun and Surprising Facts About the Devon Rex

by Donella Crigger November 12th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
Are you looking for a cat that’s out of the ordinary? The Devon Rex breed is known as the “pixie” of the cat world. Other terms of endearment include the “poodle cat” and the “alien cat.” What makes this cat so special? The most obvious features are
maine coon

Maine Coon Breed Spotlight

by Donella Crigger October 15th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
If you’re on the lookout for an all-American cat, you can’t get much better than America’s native longhair: the Maine Coon. The breed originated in Maine and has several legends regarding how it developed. Some believe that domestic cats bred with raccoons (a physical impossibility) while others

Spotlight on the Toyger

by Lori Sciame September 7th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
To true cat lovers, each feline breed has its own unique appeal. For instance, the Turkish Angora boasts a to die for white coat, and the regal Sphynx mesmerizes with its mostly hairless appearance. Another breed, the black, brown, and tan Toyger, catches a cat fancier's imagination because it

Cat Spotlight: Ocicat

by Lori Sciame August 3rd, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
The 1960's was a tumultuous time. It was a decade full of social and political unrest. Young people, fed up with tradition, experimented with new ways of living, including a push towards peace and love. The United States was changing quickly. This yearning for experimentation even transferred into the cat
manx (400x400)

Cat Spotlight: The Manx

by Lori Sciame July 6th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
What is a cat without its long, curling tail?  Why a Manx, of course!  This delightful breed has been wildly popular for over 150 years for good reason.  It has an awesome personality, while at the same time being a successful rodent hunter.  While it may not have had
bombay cat (400x400)

Spotlight on the Affectionate and Regal Bombay Cat

by Marnie Bii June 1st, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
The beautiful Bombay cat mimics a black panther in looks and demeanor. Once you invite one Bombay into your home, you'll want to take in a dozen more. This breed's social, friendly character will quickly prove that just one is enough, however. Your cat will quickly blend into the
siberian cat (400x400)

Meet the Siberian Cat

by Ronald A. Rowe May 4th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
Siberian cats have become so popular that it is hard to believe that the breed was only introduced to the United States in the 1990’s.  Russia’s prized feline treasure was not available for export until the end of the Cold War.  Once the Soviet Union was dissolved, the Siberian
abyssinian (400x400)

All About Abyssinian Cats

by Ronald A. Rowe April 6th, 2015| Cats, Spotlight
Abyssinians are perhaps best known for their distinctive coats.  Abyssinians have “ticked” coats which appear to shimmer as the cat moves.  Each hair has two different colors.  The lighter color is generally closest to the body while a darker band (or bands) appears on the outer coat.  The result
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