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Fish Spotlight: Blue Tangs

by T Akery September 10th, 2015| Fish, Spotlight
Blue Tangs are saltwater fish. If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, you have seen this beautiful blue and black fish. The character Dori is inspired by the Blue Tang. With a sequel on the way, you will see more of this animated fish. It

Taking a Closer Look at the Awesome Dragon Goby

by Marnie Bii June 2nd, 2015| Fish, Spotlight
The dragon, or violet, goby looks a lot like an eel, especially once it has reached its full-grown length. The timid nature of this goby requires a lot of patience when trying to catch a glimpse of it moving through the tank. When in motion, however, the goby is

Fish Spotlight: Exploring the Needle Nose Gar

by Marnie Bii March 6th, 2015| Fish, Spotlight
After surpassing beginner knowledge in freshwater aquarium care, and upgrading to a larger tank, the search for truly unique fish residents is on. The Needle Nose Gar is a suitable pick for people who want to maintain a species tank. Since this fish is highly combative towards its tank
cuttlefish (400x400)

Spotlight: Exploring The Amazing Cuttlefish

by Marnie Bii January 16th, 2015| Fish, Spotlight
If you want to take your saltwater aquarium to the next level, consider adding a cuttlefish or two to the tank. Since cuttlefish are incredibly intelligent and sensitive, you'll want to have some aquarium experience under your belt before attempting to raise these creatures. Take the time to establish
knifefish (400x400)

Exploring the Amazing Ghost Knifefish

by Marnie Bii January 2nd, 2015| Fish, Spotlight
The Ghost Knifefish is an electric species that thrives in large freshwater aquariums. Like eels, sharks and rays, the knifefish produces an electric field that serves as a communication device with other aquatic species. You can pick up the black and brown varieties at specialty aquarium shops for a
aquarium (400x400)

Spotlight On 4 Amazing Types Of Exotic Goldfish

by Marnie Bii December 4th, 2014| Fish, Spotlight

Despite carnivals' best attempts to teach us otherwise, the world of goldfish spans much further than the common orange ones given out in prize bags. In fact, there are several exotic varieties of goldfish that look nothing like their plain cousin. These goldfish may have flashy fins, interesting colors
puffer pd

Dwarf Puffer Fish Steal the Spotlight in Your Tank

by Marnie Bii October 9th, 2014| Fish, Spotlight
Tiny sub-eight gallon aquariums, called nano tanks, are quickly gaining popularity amongst fish enthusiasts. A perfect addition to this tiny tank is a dwarf puffer fish (or three!). At an inch long tops, these fish even make the small puffers frequently found in office aquariums look huge.

Adding a Freshwater Stingray To Your Aquarium

by Marnie Bii July 15th, 2014| Fish, Spotlight
If you want to house majestic creatures in your tank, think about adding some freshwater stingrays to the mix. You'll love the way these fish gracefully flap their fins as they propel themselves through the water. Keeping freshwater rays is a rewarding hobby that doesn't demand too

Crystal Clear: Adding Glass Catfish To Your Tank

by Marnie Bii June 17th, 2014| Fish, Spotlight
Are you looking for unique species for your tropical freshwater tank? Beginner and advanced enthusiasts frequently pick up several glass catfish to fill out their tank. Their unique clear appearance makes them a welcome addition to tanks full of healthy plants and colorful fish. Glass catfish get
angelfish pd


by Bea November 25th, 2013| Fish, Spotlight
When it comes to keeping fish in an aquarium, most people do not assume that their fish are going to have strong personalities. Not all fish have distinctive personalities, but some, like the angelfish, really do have quirky habits. A lot of people get angelfish because of
Betta 1 (2)

Back to Betta Fish Basics

by Bea October 31st, 2013| Fish, Spotlight
One of the easiest fishes to take care of is a Siamese fighting fish, otherwise known as a betta fish. They're the vibrantly colored fish with pretty fins.  Bettas are great to have as a first fish as they are easy to take care of and

Balloon Mollies – Odd and Friendly

by James Maynard July 15th, 2013| Fish, Spotlight
Balloon mollies are considered to be one of the ugliest pet fish in the world. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This variety of fish has a large pot belly that gives the creature its name.

This odd type of molly is descended from the
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