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Give a Little Love

by Lori Sciame January 28th, 2016| Pet Adoption
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time again to focus my pet adoption post on love.  Why?  Because humans have shared their lives, and their love, with dogs for approximately 10,000 years. Humans count on dogs to help us hunt, to guide us when visually
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Four Adoption Do’s

by Lori Sciame November 26th, 2015| Pet Adoption
Adopting a dog or cat involves quite a bit of thought and preparation.  Rather than an impulse move, bringing a new pet into the home  must be a conscious decision.  Kittens and puppies elicit strong emotions. Contrary to popular belief, not all of these emotions will be

The Best Chance Possible

by Lori Sciame April 24th, 2014| Pet Adoption
Recently, my neighbor adopted an adult cat from the local shelter.  She had high hopes that this new pet would help to fill a void in her heart.  She yearned to not feel the pain of having lost a beloved pet, so she planned to use this
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Ingenious Adoption Strategies

by Lori Sciame February 25th, 2014| Pet Adoption
Trying to adopt out a continual stream of cats and dogs can be a struggle for local animal shelters and rescue groups.  Just as one cuddly kitten leaves with her new, forever family, another litter of four kittens arrives.  Thank goodness the staff and volunteers at these
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Pet Adoption Strategies

by Lori Sciame December 24th, 2013| Pet Adoption
Many factors keep potential dog or cat owners from opening their homes to a new family member. These include the thought of the work involved, as well as the initial cost.  One main reason, however, is that many people just don't think about adoption as an option

A Match Made in Heaven

by Lori Sciame October 1st, 2013| Pet Adoption
When thinking about adopting a pet from a local shelter, many people fear they will be saddled with an animal that falls short of their vision of what a cat or dog should be.  For instance, they wonder if the animal will be social or if it
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The Great Pet Adoption Adventure

by Lori Sciame August 26th, 2013| Pet Adoption
Those who love the rush of the new and exciting need not jump out of airplanes or hike the Grand Canyon to find the ultimate adventure.  Instead, true adventure can be found at the local humane society or other animal rescue agency.  You guessed it ... adopting
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Good News About Pet Adoptions

by Lori Sciame August 6th, 2013| Pet Adoption
Over the past several decades, Americans have become more sensitive to the plight of homeless cats and dogs.  In response to the problem of animals left in shelters to die, millions of pets have been adopted into loving homes.  Statistics from the Humane Society of the United
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The Worst Times to Adopt

by Lori Sciame June 10th, 2013| Pet Adoption
Dogs and cats provide many benefits for a potential owner.  They fill a home with joy.  They fill a heart with love. They even prompt an owner to exercise.  Although pet adoption can be rewarding, there are times when it should be discouraged.  Basically, when a living
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Three Simple Reasons to Adopt

by Lori Sciame May 13th, 2013| Pet Adoption
A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.

Josh Billings

They are cuddly and cute, playful and perky, and they have an endless amount of love to give YOU!  Have you been toying with the idea of adopting a
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Pet Adoption True or False

by Lori Sciame April 16th, 2013| Pet Adoption
A dog can teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad. - Robert Wagner.

My post this week is a simple quiz concerning pet adoption.  If you've been considering adopting a dog, read and answer the five

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Adopt a Pet Using Petfinder

by Lori Sciame March 19th, 2013| Pet Adoption
"Please, I beg you. Adopt me."  If dogs or cats without a loving owner could talk, I bet this would be one of the first sentences uttered.  Both dogs and cats would much rather live in a cozy home setting than in a lonely cage in a
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