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Ocicat Pointers

by Lori Sciame August 31st, 2015| Cats, Pointers
I love Ocicat's for many reasons. For one, their coat calls  to mind cats found in the wild. Next, their magnetic personality draws people to them. Finally, their intelligence rivals the smartest dogs. This breed, while relatively recent in development (1960's), has won over the hearts of cat lovers
bombay (400x400)

4 Rest Areas You Can Create for Your Bombay

by Marnie Bii June 29th, 2015| Cats, Pointers
Despite their striking similarity to a black panther, Bombay cats truly enjoy all of the comforts of being a house cat. You may notice that your Bombay makes an art form out of finding a cozy resting place. You can quickly win the key to your cat's heart by
angora cat (400x400)

Tips for Dealing With Angora’s Deafness

by Ronald A. Rowe March 9th, 2015| Cats, Pointers
Not all Angora cats are deaf.  The trait is closely tied to eye color and most blue-eyed Angoras are deaf.  The correlation between eye color and deafness, even carries over to the so-called “Odd Eyed” angora cats.  The ear on the side with the blue eye will most likely