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4 Tips for Raising Healthy, Happy Dragon Gobies

by Marnie Bii June 9th, 2015| Fish, Pointers
Plenty of forethought and a little preparation will help ensure your new dragon goby thrives in your tank throughout his or her entire ten-year lifespan. Ideally, you need to provide your goby with perfect water conditions, ample feeding opportunities and total comfort to maintain a happy, healthy tank of

2 Need to Know Tips for Keeping Needle Nose Gar

by Ronald A. Rowe March 13th, 2015| Fish, Pointers
The Needle Nose Gar (also known as Stickfish, Freshwater Garfish, Freshwater Gar, Needlefish, Silver Needlefish, Needlenose Halfbeak, and Asian Needlefish) is, oddly enough, not a member of the Gar family.  This is more than just a curious footnote; it is important to recognize because it is illegal to own