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How Often Should I Feed My Reptile?

by Jacob Parzych September 9th, 2015| Care, Reptiles
As everyone is told when they are younger, snakes don't need to eat very much, because they take a long time to digest their food.  Like snakes, most cold-blooded animals take longer to process their food.  Unlike dogs or cats, you can't just leave out a bowl
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3 Live Bugs That Make Awesome Reptile Treats

by Marnie Bii November 25th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
What are you to do when your reptile friend rolls his eyes and stalks away from the latest offering of frozen bloodworms or freeze dried shrimp? You could simply wait it out and offer the treats at a later time in hopes that your reptile has also grown tired

Snake Feces: Do The Dirty Work For Better Health

by Marnie Bii October 28th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
Although it's tempting to turn the other way while you wash off your snake's terrarium, it's smart to take a closer look from time to time. The waste your snake produces can tell you a lot about his or her current health status. Many snakes will exhibit

3 Water Features Snakes Love to Lounge Around

by Marnie Bii September 30th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
Snakes that come from temperate climates, like ringnecks and corn snakes, enjoy having a small water feature in their enclosure. The water feature will also improve the look of the habitat to create a talking point for your home. To create the best possible layout, build up

Snake Substrates: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Marnie Bii June 10th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
Are you in the midst of creating comfortable housing for your new snake pets? Are you stuck on which substrates to use in their home? There are many options, but not all of them are beneficial to your slithery friends. Using acceptable substrates will protect your snakes
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Handling an Angry Iguana

by Jacob Parzych March 18th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
So, you have just purchased an iguana.  While you enjoy owning your pet, you have found that your iguana has very poor temperament and doesn't always like being held.  Unfortunately, sometimes you need to hold it in order to clean the enclosure.  Thus, you find yourself on

Breeding Your Own Crickets

by Jacob Parzych February 18th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
If you own a large number of reptiles, you may find yourself burning a hole in your pocket by buying crickets.  While they seem inexpensive, they add up quickly when you are shopping for a large group of them.  If you have ten leopard geckos you could

Keeping Your Reptile Forever

by Jacob Parzych January 14th, 2014| Care, Reptiles
One of the biggest issues facing the reptile trade is the way people plan their reptile's future.  While the majority of owners make a commitment, there are some who buy larger animals and eventually trade them away when the animal becomes too large.  Whether this is because
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So Your Reptile Got Out

by Jacob Parzych December 17th, 2013| Care, Reptiles
Oh snap!  You were feeding your favorite gecko and you left the lid off of his tank while you went to get water from the other room ... and then he was gone!  In a flash, he snuck out and disappeared from sight.  What do you do?

  1. Grow
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Help! My Snake Bit Me!

by Jacob Parzych November 19th, 2013| Care, Reptiles
You're handling your non-poisonous pet snake and the snake is acting a little testy.  All of a sudden ... Bam!  You've been bitten by your snake!

Well, you have now been bitten.  What are you to do?!

  1. Unhook the snake from the bite wound.  Some snakes will clasp their
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Handling an Aggressive Snake

by Jacob Parzych October 22nd, 2013| Care, Reptiles
While daily handling of snakes is not necessary, snakes need to be handled on certain occasions.  Sometimes, it will be absolutely necessary that you handle your snake at a certain time, no matter what type of mood it is in.This means that you will occasionally have to
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Cleaning a Reptile Terraruium

by Jacob Parzych August 29th, 2013| Care, Reptiles
Being the proud owner of a reptile may have its high points, but there is a definite downside to it, too.  For most people, the lowest point is having to clean out the tank.  While reptile enclosures are generally attractive, well decorated housings, they can also be a pain
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