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Labradoodles: The Best of Both Worlds

by Ronald A. Rowe December 15th, 2016| Dogs, Spotlight
Labradoodles have become a highly sought after breed.  The combination of a labrador’s lovable temperament and a poodle’s compact size sounds on the surface like an unbeatable combination.  The reality is that the labradoodle is not exactly that desired mixture but it is a wonderful, loving, smart, and social
great dane

The Great Dane: The World’s Largest Lapdog

by Donella Crigger February 18th, 2016| Dogs, Spotlight
The Great Dane is easily recognizable by its large size and friendly face. Although the breed is known for being placid now, they were bred in Germany from Irish Wolfhounds and Mastiffs to create a large breed fit for hunting boar, patrolling estates and fighting in war.
lhasa puppy

The Lhasa Apso: A Small Dog With a Big Personality

by Donella Crigger December 17th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
A small dog with a big personality – that’s how I’d describe the Lhasa Apso. These little dogs are not your typical lap dog. They take their jobs as protectors very seriously, despite their small stature. If you’re looking for a breed that is small, independent, bold

German Shepherd Breed Spotlight

by Donella Crigger October 22nd, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
In this dog breed spotlight, I want to highlight my favorite breed of dog: the German shepherd. As you may have guessed, I have a German shepherd myself that my husband and I adopted from the local animal shelter. Never had I known such a loyal, protective,
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Spotlight on the Labrador Retriever

by C. Finkbeiner September 3rd, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
The Labrador retriever (aka “Labs”) is a popular working dog which has become the most registered breed in the United States over the past 20 years by pet owners. Labradors are intelligent, loyal dogs whom are not only playful and friendly, but also can be easily trained to perform
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Spotlight on the Boxer

by C. Finkbeiner August 6th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
Bigger than a Bulldog and smaller than a Mastiff, Boxers are classified as one of the “Bully Breeds”. Boxers are very muscular, fit dogs with lots of physical power. Adult males can weigh between 70-90lbs, and females are usually on average between 60-80lbs of solid dog body. An ancestor
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Dog Behavior: The Shih Tzu

by C. Finkbeiner July 9th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
The Shih Tzu dog is one that is full of personality and sass. From a young age, each Shih Tzu develops their quirks that will define them as they grow. They are happy-go-lucky and very excitable almost all of the time.

Because they are clumsy pups, they tend to get
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Spotlight on the Shih Tzu

by C. Finkbeiner July 2nd, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
The Shih Tzu dog is a toy breed whose origins stem from Southeast Asia. The name "Shih Tzu", which can seem amusing to pronounce (SHEET-zoo), comes from the Chinese “Lion Dog” or “Chrysanthemum Dog”. They received that name because their fur grows very long and straight like a lion’s
st. bernard (400x400)

Spotlight on the St. Bernard

by C. Finkbeiner June 4th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
Meet the enormous dog with softest heart, the famous St. Bernard.

The dog is named after Saint Bernard of Menthon, a Catholic saint who established hospice for poor and sick travelers within the Alps.  St. Bernards are working dogs whom were originally bred to rescue humans. Throughout history St. Bernards
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Meet the Siberian Husky

by Ronald A. Rowe May 7th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
Unlike the Siberian cat, which is a recent import to the United States of America, the Siberian Husky has been a well-known fixture in the US for over 100 years.  The Siberian Husky was first introduced to the continent by way of the northern frontier.  The dense fur, strong
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Bernese Mountain Dogs

by Ronald A. Rowe April 2nd, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
The Bernese Mountain Dog (also affectionately known as “Berner”) is a big dog that was originally bred to be a working farm hound.   Berners were a staple of farm life in 19th Century Switzerland where they performed all manner of farm work, from traditional dog chores like herding
yorkie (400x400)

Good Things Come in Small Packages – Teacup Puppies

by Editorial Team March 8th, 2015| Dogs, Spotlight
We’ve all seen the cute little dogs that people carry around in their handbags, and most of us would just love to own one. These cute, furry little things are referred to as teacup dogs. Because they are so very small most of them really could fit in a
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