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Taking a Close Look at the Sulcata Tortoise

by Marnie Bii May 8th, 2015| Reptiles, Spotlight
Although not traditionally cute like dogs, cats and rabbits, sulcata tortoises maintain a dignified appearance from the hatchling stage to the golden years. These tortoises have a friendly demeanor with a healthy dose of curiosity to keep things interesting. You can raise your tortoise in your backyard if you

3 Ways to Clean Your Reptile Cage Naturally

by Marnie Bii August 5th, 2014| Reptiles, Spotlight
Reptiles sully their cage with food debris and their waste products fairly quickly. Cages that house between two to four small reptiles need cleaning every week or so. You may need to clean housing for a single large reptile even more often than that. The prescribed solution

Reptile Spotlight: Alligators

by Jacob Parzych November 5th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett has an alligator.  This is  more common than you'd think.  They're actually popular with extreme reptile enthusiasts.  So, today, the reptile spotlight is shined on the dark corner of the world where pet alligators hide.

Note: I do not recommend owning a pet
African fat-tailed gecko

Reptile Spotlight: African Fat-Tailed Gecko

by Jacob Parzych October 10th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
As far as reptile names go, the African Fat-Tailed Gecko has one of the most literal names I have ever heard.  The gecko is named after its exceptionally plump tail, which is used as a fat deposit so it can survive long periods of time without eating.


Reptile Spotlight: Boa Constrictor

by Jacob Parzych September 9th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
While they may unnerve many people, boa constrictors are popular pets within the pet trade.  Their popularity can be traced to many reasons, especially their tame nature and relative ease of care.  While they have begun to pick up a bad rap recently, the incidents have been
day gecko

Reptile Spotlight: Day Geckos

by Michele August 13th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
When it comes to geckos, there is one distinctly colorful and vivid genus, the Day Gecko.  If you want a gecko to complete a flashy and good-looking terrarium, look no further than the Day Gecko.  This gecko is less commonly seen in shops than others such as
Alligator_snapping_turtle fws

Alligator Snapping Turtle

by Sam P. July 18th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
The alligator snapping turtle is the biggest freshwater turtle in the world.  Despite many assumptions, it is not closely related to the common snapping turtle.  Alligator snapping turtles are the only living member of the genus Macrochelys, while the common snapping turtle is a member of the genus Chelydra.  They

Reptile Spotlight: Chameleons

by Jacob Parzych June 18th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
Chameleons seem to be one of the most misunderstood reptile species.  Every time they are brought up, at least one person believes that they change color as a method of camouflaging themselves in their environments.  This is false; they are actually using it to either display their
russian tortoise pd

Reptile Spotlight: Russian Tortoise

by Jacob Parzych March 25th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
The first pet reptile I personally "met" was a Russian Tortoise.  The tortoise, aptly named "Torty", was kept in the living room of a family who was friends with us.  I remember walking into the living room, seeing him/her, and being very intrigued.  I've always liked reptiles,
box turtle

Reptile Spotlight: Box Turtles

by Jacob Parzych February 28th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
In my native New Hampshire, box turtles are abundant little fellows.  Anytime you are down by a pond, marsh, or other wetland, there is a good chance that you will happen upon one.  Although they are common in the wild, they are also one of the most
bearded dragon

Reptile Spotlight: Bearded Dragons

by Jacob Parzych January 29th, 2013| Reptiles, Spotlight
If you walk into just about any pet store, you will notice a tank in the reptile section full of small, tan lizards that are very active and willing to display themselves to anyone who meanders by.  If you are like me, you will instantly be intrigued by their

Reptile Spotlight: Corn Snakes

by Jacob Parzych December 6th, 2012| Reptiles, Spotlight
I, as a native of the New Hampshire, rarely see reptiles while I am outside of my house.  The only reptiles we ever do see are the occasional Garter Snake.   Because of this, I find the number of reptiles I see while vacationing down South very interesting.  I still
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