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rex rat (400x400)

Spotlight: Friendly, Adorable Rex Rat Pets

by Marnie Bii July 7th, 2015| Spotlight, Unique Pets
From the time they are born through old age, Rex rats remain a truly adorable, friendly companion to adults and kids alike. These rats have a unique appearance featuring a thick coat of curly hair all the way down to the whiskers. The fur colors and patterns vary wildly

Taking a Closer Look at the Mandarin Duck

by Marnie Bii April 7th, 2015| Spotlight, Unique Pets
With chickens taking over backyards throughout the city, everyone's attention has turned toward alternative outdoor pets, like ducks. Ducks make great pets for people with a small amount of land that's enclosed by a fence. If you have the space, but want something a little more unique than a
hedgehog (400x400)

Taking a Close Look at Unique Hedgehog Pets

by Marnie Bii March 3rd, 2015| Spotlight, Unique Pets
If you want a cuddly pet, but don't favor dogs, cats or rats, consider the incredibly cute hedgehog for the role of your next companion. Despite the hedgehog's spiky appearance, it's quite easy to pet and hold these unique creatures. The quills are not as sharp or menacing as