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dog food shopping

Choosing Great Dog Food

by James Maynard January 10th, 2014| Video
Choosing great dog food is one of the best things you can do for your canine companion. There are many types of dog food out there, and some are better than others. Many inexpensive varieties are composed largely of inexpensive fillers, like corn and other starches. Many

Positive Training of Dogs

by James Maynard January 3rd, 2014| Video
When training dogs, it is vitally important to always remain positive. The way you react when teaching your dog tricks or behaviors can make a world of difference to how she reacts. By using positive reinforcement, you are able to bring a new depth of relationship with
bark training

Speaking of Barking

by James Maynard December 27th, 2013| Video
To stop barking and to learn how to speak is one of the most satisfying lessons you can teach your new dog. Incessant barking can not only be annoying, but can also damage relations with your neighbors. Barking is a natural behavior in dogs, but it is
relaxing cat

My Mood Meow Meow?

by James Maynard December 20th, 2013| Video
Understanding cat moods can seem like a guessing game at times. These complex, intelligent, highly-social animals can display a wide range of emotions. As companion humans to feline friends, we want to analyze the behavior of cats. By doing so, we are better able to understand their
flea spray

Free Fido and Fluffy from Fleas!

by James Maynard December 13th, 2013| Video
Safer flea control is can be vital to the health of your dog, cat or other furry animal. Fleas present health problems, so you want to combat them on your fine furry friend. But, you may not want the toxins associated with commercial flea collars or other
puppy garden

Home for the Puppy-days

by James Maynard December 6th, 2013| Video
The holidays are a time when many puppies and other animals find new homes. But, this responsibility should not be taken lightly. Introducing a young dog to a new home can be one of the most joyous occasions of your life, if it is done properly. In
puppy with chew toy

Puppy’s First Vet Visit

by James Maynard November 29th, 2013| Video
Taking your puppy to the veterinarian for the first time can be a bonding experience for both of you. The experience is a chance to meet your vet for the first time, and get immunized. But, the experience is much more than that. Your first trip to
cat litter

Litter Training a Kitten

by James Maynard November 22nd, 2013| Video
Litter training a kitten is one of the most important things you can to to help your young cat develop. This procedure does not need to be complicated or stressful. In this video, we learn how to train your kitten to use a litter box. The techniques
training puppy

Puppy Basic Training

by James Maynard November 15th, 2013| Video
Training dogs begins with teaching them good habits when they are still puppies. Some of the basic rules of dog discipline need to be laid down when the dog is young. In this video, we learn how to teach puppies the three basic commands of sit, lie
cat at shelter

Finding a Feline Friend at the Pound

by James Maynard November 8th, 2013| Video
Finding a cat for yourself or family at the animal shelter is a great way to meet a new feline. But, there are many cats in a typical shelter and it can be difficult to choose the right companion. There are a few tips you can use
puppy eating

Chow for a Growing Puppy

by James Maynard November 1st, 2013| Video
Choosing the right food for a puppy is one of the most important decisions you can make in raising your dog. There are many choices. Some dog foods claim to be better than others, which may or may not be the case. Food for canines is also

Pet Pics Perfected!

by James Maynard October 25th, 2013| Video
Taking great photos of pets is a fun and rewarding hobby. It also provides you an easy way to show off your animals to family and friends. But, pets pose many challenges for a photographer. Most of all, they don't stand still for pictures. In this video,
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