Do Cats Miss Their Owners?

by Lori Sciame | November 10th, 2016 | Behavior, Cats

cat watching (400x400)Last weekend my cat, Joe, followed my every move.  He watched me vacuum the living room, shake out throw rugs, clean the kitchen sink and floor, do piles of laundry, and even blow dry my hair.  When it came time for a much needed nap, he nestled into the crook of my arm.

He’s always been a loving cat, but his clingy behavior seemed over the top. My husband explained it by stating, “he misses you when you’re at work, Lori.”

It’s true, I’ve been working 11 hour days since September, which means I’m home mainly just to eat and sleep; however, I had a hard time believing my cat really misses me when I’m away.  That is – until last weekend.

Joe stuck to me like glue for the two days I was at home.  He didn’t mind the loud noise of the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer, which are sounds he usually detests. He also didn’t shrink from my side when a new neighbor came to the door.  He made it very clear; I wasn’t going to be out of his sight, not for one minute.

As the weekend passed, I realized maybe animals do miss their owners.  Maybe Joe couldn’t remember that we had played a lot during the summer when I was home from teaching, but he did certainly feel I had been away too long last week.

And maybe he misses the treats I fed him during the summer months.  He sure did enjoy those sips of milk and those tiny tastes of wet cat food!

Whatever the reason, Joe truly felt like my sidekick for two whole days.  Actually, it felt nice to be the center of attention – even if the attention came from my 10 year old cat.  I guess I now agree – cats can miss their owners.  Their behavior proves it.

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